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Duct Tape Zebra Pumpkin

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Things You'll Need
  • Zebra Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pumpkin (real or foam)
How to Make
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    Starting at the top of the pumpkin just below the stem, carefully unroll the tape one strip at a time down the length of the pumpkin.

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    Repeat one vertical strip next to the other (don’t worry if the strips start to “swerve” as you follow the contour of the pumpkin, but try to match up the pattern as best as you can). Flatten any air bubbles as you move along the pumpkin with the tape.

    In no time at all, you’ll have a masterpiece like this. Of course, while you are crafting you may want to snack, too – especially if you are crafting with a fourth grader who has a major sweet tooth. While R. and I made our zebra pumpkin, we each enjoyed CADBURY SCREME EGG Candy, a brand-new Halloween version of the popular Easter confection, this time with seasonally appropriate white-and-green fondant filling.
    I had received several from Walmart and they are just as delicious as the Easter version. We are trying not to eat them all right away. (R., age 9, quipped, “I know why they call they call them Screme Eggs. Because I screamed from happiness when I saw them!”)
    Indeed. Enjoy.

Duct Tape Zebra Pumpkin

Duct Tape Zebra Pumpkin

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