Costumes & Crafts

Make Halloween magic without toil or trouble!

Things You'll Need

  • Black pillow boxes
  • Sturdy black cardstock (not completely stiff; you want to be able to fold it in half)
  • Pencil or marker (for writing on the black cardstock)
  • Googly eyes
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Your favorite HERSHEY’S candy (pillow boxes are the perfect size for snack sized candy)

How to Make

  • To assemble your bats, first fold the black cardstock in half. Place the pillow box on the black cardstock at the crease, half on and half off. Draw a bat wing on the cardstock.

  • Cut the bat wing out. You can use this as your template for all other bat wings required. Trace each one and cut them out.

  • Apply craft glue down the center crease of each bat wing and attach it to the back of each pillow box.

  • Glue googly eyes onto each bat. Set aside to dry.

  • Once dry, fill with your favorite HERSHEY'S snack-size candy, or like I did, with REESE'S PIECES candy.

  • I think the kids are going to love our little bat treat boxes