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Things You'll Need

  • Black tights or jogging pants
  • Black turtle neck
  • Black sweatshirt (size of garment can vary - ideally the sweatshirt should extend to the child's mid-thigh or knee)
  • Yellow felt
  • Heat and Bond (medium strength)
  • Black plastic headband
  • 6 Black pipe cleaners or chenille stems
  • 2 (2") foam balls
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Black poster board (1 sheet)
  • Black stockings
  • Safety pins
  • Black shoes
  • Yellow and black face paint
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Low temperature hot glue gun and glue sticks

How to Make

  • Bee Tunic:

  • Using the scissors or a seam ripper tool, remove sleeves from sweatshirt.

  • Cut yellow felt into 4" wide strips. The length of strips will depend on the size of sweatshirt and placement. Measure the longest width of the sweatshirt and use as length for strips. Make sure to cut enough strips to cover the front and back of the sweatshirt.

  • Preheat iron to cotton setting with no steam.

  • Cut Heat and Bond to the size of felt strips.

  • Using the iron, attach the Heat and Bond to the strips by applying heat to the paper side of the heat and bond. Make sure that you attach the Heat and Bond to the wrong side of felt.

  • Peel paper backing from strips and arrange the strips (with the glue side down) horizontally on to the sweatshirt. Trim the strips to the desired size and space the strips at least 3 - 4 inches apart. You want to create the illusion of black and yellow stripes.

  • Using an iron, attach the strips to the front and back of the sweatshirt.

  • Antennae:

  • Group 3 black pipe cleaners or chenille stems together and wrap around a pencil to create a spring effect. Using multiple chenille stems to form antennae will give added strength. Wrap the chenille stems to one side of the black headband and repeat the process for the other side.

  • Paint the two foam balls yellow and let them dry.

  • Once they're dry, push the end of the chenille stems spring into the base of one of the foam balls.

  • Repeat the process for the other antennae.

  • Wings:

  • Cut 2 butterfly-shaped wings out of a piece of black poster board

  • Cover each wing with a black stocking.

  • Using safety pins, attach the wings to the back of the sweatshirt from the inside to conceal the safety pins.

  • Costume Assembly:

  • Have your bumblebee put on black tights or jogging pants, a turtle neck, black socks, and black shoes. Then carefully, put on the bee tunic with wings attached. Place the antennae on head and finish off the look by adding yellow circles on your bumblebee's cheeks and a black spot on the end of his/her nose. With a little buzzing noise your bumble bee will be ready for trick or treating!

  • Total Time: 3 - 4 hours

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