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Creepy Creature Pirate Orange Craft

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 Large Orange or a 4" or 6" Styrofoam ball painted orange
  • Black crafting foam
  • White crafting foam
  • Black construction paper
  • 2 Black chenille stems
  • 2 Toothpicks
  • Halloween WHOPPERS Malted Milk Balls
  • JOLLY RANCHERS Creepy Pops Skeleton Lollipop
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Low temperature hot glue gun and glue
  • White poster board
  • Black paint
  • Scissors
  • Black permanent marker

How to Make

  • Cut a circle out of black construction paper. Fold the circle in half and trim the bottom of the hat to fit on top of the orange.

  • Next insert two toothpicks halfway into the base of the hat - where the hat would meet the orange. Using the glue gun, fasten the toothpick ends to the hat and then fold the ends of hat together and let it dry.

  • With a black marker, outline the facial features of the skeleton lollipop, then cut off the stick using the scissors and then cut the stick into four sections.

  • Using the glue gun, attach the skeleton head and the four sticks to the front of the hat and let dry.

  • Take the hat with the ends of the toothpicks pointing downward and stick the toothpicks into the top of the orange. Push them into the orange, so that the base of the hat is flush against the orange and it appears that the orange is wearing the hat.

  • Glue two wiggle eyes to the front of the orange.

  • Trim one side flat of the Halloween WHOPPERS Malted Milk Ball and then glue it on the orange beneath the eyes.

  • Peel the TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL candy into individual strips. Then dip them into black paint and let dry. After the paint has dried completely, form the pirate's beard by gluing the strips to the front of the orange.

  • To create arms: Twist each black chenille stem into a figure eight. Then insert the end of the chenille stem into the orange. Place glue where the stem meets the orange to secure it down. Repeat on the opposite side. Once dry, you can bend the stems to position the arms.

  • Draw a sword on white poster board. Then paint the handle of the sword with black, silver, or gold paint. Once dry, cut the sword out of the poster board and bend the chenille stem to hold the sword in the pirate's hand. Use a dab of glue to secure the sword.

  • For the feet, cut two large u-shapes from the black and white crafting foam. Using glue, attach the two shapes together, with the black foam on top of the white foam. Stagger them slightly, so that you will be able to see both colors.

  • Once the feet are dry, attach them to the base of the orange, using hot glue.

  • Completed craft is for decorative purposes only. Candy or orange used in craft should not be eaten.