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Book of Spells Candy Dish Craft

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard Book Box - can be found at most craft stores
  • Beads and embellishments in a variety of colors and shapes
  • Brown textured craft paper
  • Decorative Ribbon
  • White or ivory-colored craft paper
  • Craft paper in a variety of textures, shine, and shimmer
  • Sticker letters
  • Clear craft glue or low temperature hot glue gun
  • Silver glitter - fine grit
  • Scissors

How to Make

  • Cover book cover with brown textured craft paper cut to size - leave a little slack around the spine of the book - this makes it easier to open the box. Use craft glue to attach the paper to the box.

  • Cut white or ivory-colored craft paper to size and cover the pages' sections on three sides of box. Use craft glue to attach the paper to the box.

  • Cut a strip of ribbon and using clear craft glue, attach the ribbon to the edge of the box lid.

  • Cut two rectangular shapes -one smaller than the other- out of textured/shiny/shimmer craft paper and glue the shapes to front cover using craft glue.

  • On the front cover of the box, attach sticker letters to the rectangular-shaped paper, spelling out - MAGIC SPELLS.

  • Glue beads or embellishments to the cover. Be careful not to put any embellishments directly where the cover meets the spine - this will make it hard to open the box. Let everything dry overnight.

  • Once dry, fill the box with a variety of Halloween chocolates and candies from HERSHEY'S.