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Trick or Treat Flashlight Craft

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic flashlight
  • Pumpkin pattern
  • Titanium white acrylic paint
  • Yellow orange acrylic paint
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • Pine green acrylic paint
  • Yellow green acrylic paint
  • Crimson acrylic paint
  • Carbon black acrylic paint
  • Charcoal acrylic paint
  • Fine iridescent glitter
  • All purpose sealer (paint medium)
  • Water-based polyurethane satin varnish (craft paint medium)
  • Clear glaze paint medium
  • 1/4" firm bristle brush for dry brushing
  • #2 short liner dry brush
  • 1" bristle brush for basecoating

How to Make

  • Prep the flashlight to hold the acrylic paint, by removing the top and applying tape on the sides to protect the edge and handle.

  • Spray two light coats of a plastic prep for medium coverage (avoid a heavy application or runs).

  • Allow prep coat to dry.

  • Prepare the basecoat by mixing charcoal acrylic craft paint with all purpose sealer (approximately 2:1).

  • Apply a thick basecoat to create texture (a bristle brush works well for a textured base coat).

  • Allow to dry overnight.

  • Apply the pumpkin pattern using light transfer paper.

  • Download (PDF)

  • Paint the pumpkin pattern on the flashlight by applying a petticoat of color.

  • Use a medium coat of color for best results. The more opaque the petticoat layer the brighter the finished color will be.

  • Paint the petticoat of color on the flashlight by brush-mixing it as it is applied, leaving a space around the design elements to allow the background color to remain as the shading.

  • Apply the petticoat layer of color to each area using the dark colors on the palette, add lighter colors to lighten as needed.

  • Use shape following strokes as you apply each layer.

  • Apply highlights using a dry brush technique, use a slightly stiff brush with no water or medium. Lightly brush the color onto the surface, allowing the texture to pull the color from the brush.

  • Gradually lighten the color and reduce the area the color is applied to build highlights.

  • Use crimson plus orange paints to apply a base color to the pumpkin.

  • Use pine green to basecoat the stem and leaves.

  • Basecoat the white of the eyes titanium white.

  • Paint the iris of the eyes pine green.

  • Basecoat the pupil last, using carbon black.

  • Begin dry brushing the pumpkin by picking up orange for the first layer.

  • Using the dirty brush, lighten the color and apply in a smaller area using yellow orange and a touch of titanium white.

  • Begin dry brushing again by picking up a small amount of pine green plus yellow green in the brush and blend together to apply the first highlight to each of the green areas.

  • Use the dirty brush again to lighten the color by using more yellow green and titanium white if needed and apply in a smaller area.

  • To apply stroke work and details to each of the leaves, use a liner brush with yellow green blended with titanium white.

  • To add glitz and sparkle, using the liner brush, apply a touch of fine iridescent glitter medium as desired (brush onto larger areas or pick up larger bits and touch on for greater highlights).

  • Apply a coat of clear glaze craft paint medium to 'lock down' the dry brushed background colors.

  • Apply three coats of water-based polyurethane satin varnish.

  • Set aside to dry.

  • Note: Check your local craft supply store for materials.