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Mini Haunted House


Halloween is almost here and today I have to show you a mini haunted house I created for my toddler, Aries. I also decorated my mantel and transformed my home with some Halloween spirit!

This coming Halloween day we will be trick or treating in our neighborhood. I will be making my daughter’s costume similar to last year’s costume: Greek Goddess. We don’t really have Halloween traditions but I used to celebrate once in a while the Dia De Los Muertos. Dia De Los Muertos is kind of like Mexico’s Halloween. Mexico celebrates Dia De Los Muertos with gatherings of family and friends to pray and remember friends and family members who have died. Dia De Los Muertos takes place November 1st and people visit the cemeteries to build altars to the dead with their favorite foods and beverages.


My most favorite and memorable Halloween day was when I was about 9 years old. I remember it as if it was yesterday! All the youngsters from the family gathered at my mom’s house all ready and dressed up; even some of the adults, too! My dad was in charge of driving us around the neighborhood while we trick or treat until our bags were full! The following day we would meet again and we would exchange candy!

If you are trick or treating this year, is best to have a comfortable costume for the kids, good walking shoes, extra bags to carry the candy, flashlight and any type of light reflector for safety! Also, it’s better to go in groups and do a map as to where you will be trick or treating.

Below you will see my Halloween theme decor and the mini haunted house I made out of PVC pipes.


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