Kisses Flower Bouquet

KISSES Flower Bouquet

Give your celebration an unforgettably colorful pop with the KISSES Flower Bouquet-- because nothing makes the party bloom like a bouquet of candy flowers.



    Pink and dark blue HERSHEY'S KISSES Party Chocolates
    Metal wire
    Cupcake sleeves
    Glass vase


    Step 1. Invert one cupcake sleeve, and place it inside a right-side-out cupcake sleeve.

    Step 2. Carefully push a metal wire through the back of the cupcake sleeves and into the bottom of either a pink or dark blue HERSHEY'S KISSES Party Chocolate that's been centered in the middle of the cupcake sleeves.

    Step 3. Fill the vase with pink and dark blue HERSHEY'S KISSES Party Chocolates.

    Step 4. Place your KISSES flowers into the vase.

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