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Geometric Seating Chart


We're all for DIY projects that do double duty. If you're going to take the time to make them, they might as well serve more than one purpose, right? These geometric treat boxes are great as a seating chart that doubles as favors, and your guests will never guess that KISSES Milk Chocolates are waiting for them inside these little pyramids!



    KISSES Milk Chocolates in Desired Colors
    Patterned Vellum
    1/8'' Double Sided Tape
    3D Paper Punch
    Bone Folder
    Patterned Paper
    Fishing Line


    With the help of this geometric paper punch, cut away several sheets in different colors and patterns.

    Using your bone folder, fold all sides and tabs of your 3D geometric cutouts.

    Add small strips of double sided tape on just 2 of the 3 closure tabs. You will want your pyramids to be easily opened, so leaving one side without tape is key. KISSES Milk Chocolates fit snugly in the boxes.

    Cut your fishing line to length and make a knot on one end. Seal one end of your box and add a KISSES Milk Chocolate. Seal and fold your box with the fishing line in it. You can also thread the fishing line with the boxes closed later. The knot on your fishing line holds the box in place.

    Add little flags with names and table numbers folded in half and secure them with the help of double sided tape.

    Using a small piece of chicken wire, place the strands in a rectangle shape and suspended from the ceiling. If that is not possible at your venue, you can alternatively use a photo backdrop kit to hang the wire.

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