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Dotted KISSES Backdrop


Behold, the ultimate dessert and candy buffet table backdrop. Oh the possibilities when you have KISSES Milk Chocolates in all colors of the rainbow and pegboard sheets. And these treats don't even need to be glued on!



    KISSES Milk Chocolates in Desired Colors
    White Butcher Paper
    Masking Tape (White)
    2 2x4' Pegboard Sheets
    Tacky Glue Spray


    Begin by adding KISSES Milk Chocolates on alternating lines of the pegboard. This adds enough distance between the candy dots, but also saves you from using an infinite amount of chocolate. It is recommended to stick to two sheets of 2x4' instead of using one piece of 4x4.

    Tape alternating lines of your pegboard sheets. This will hide the shadows that the unused holes make behind the paper.

    Using white butcher paper, wrap the pegboard sheets like a present. Then add a coat of Tacky spray and layer another sheet of white paper. Poke holes on the new grid with the help of a paper embosser.

    Place KISSES Milk Chocolate colors at random or play with shapes or letters. It's easy to change it up and make it your own!

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