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The Sweetest Birthday Countdown

The Sweetest Birthday Countdown

Children's birthday party crafts really can be simple, and this candy-filled creation is proof! With this countdown board, the days leading up to the party are almost as fun as the birthday itself.


    HERSHEY'S Miniatures

    REESE'S Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures

    30 small boxes


    KISSES Chocolates

    Tape or glue

    Foam core board
    STEP 1. Fill the boxes with HERSHEY'S Birthday candy (one piece per box).

    STEP 2. On each of the boxes, paint a number (1 - 30) on the opposite side of the opening, and let dry.

    STEP 3. Decorate the foam core board however you'd like.

    STEP 4. Tape or glue each box to the board.

    STEP 5. Each day, open a box and enjoy!

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