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Chocolate diamonds! How to make KISSES Chocolate rings



    Pipe cleaners (multiple colors)

    KISSES Chocolates (multiple colors)


    Step 1. Twist the pipe cleaners together to join each pipe cleaner in the middle. Place one KISSES Chocolate on top of where the pipe cleaners meet.

    Step 2. Pull all four ends of the pipe cleaner up towards the top of the KISSES Chocolate, and secure them at the top of the chocolate with a single twist. Join two ends of the pipe cleaners together, extending outward, with a few twists. Repeat with the other two ends.

    Step 3. Use both ends of the pipe cleaners to create a loop big enough for a finger. Secure both loose ends by twisting each around the top of the KISSES Chocolate, which will serve as the base of the ring's "gem."

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