Kisses Necklaces

KISSES Candy Necklaces

Is a party really a party if there's no edible jewelry? Give your celebration some bling with these KISSES Candy Necklace Favors. Their shiny pink foils will bring out the princess in us all.



  • KISSES Chocolates
  • Pink ribbon
  • Confectioner's glue
  • Necklace holder (optional)


  • Trim pink ribbon to size.
  • Adhere both ends of the pink ribbon to the bottom of a KISSES Chocolate using confectioner's glue.
  • Repeat until you have enough KISSES necklaces for every party guest.
  • Display your KISSES Necklaces on a necklace holder and let guests select an edible fashion statement.

Other Seasons and Occasions

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