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Hershey's Mermaid Tail Goodie Bags

HERSHEY'S Mermaid Tail Goodie Bags

If you're planning an under-the-sea-inspired party, you're going to need a seaworthy goodie bag. These HERSHEY'S Mermaid Tail Goodie Bags are perfect for the mermaids - or mermen - at your birthday celebration.



    KISSES Chocolates (2 bags of green, 3 bags of pink, purple and light blue)

    Gift bags (ocean colors)

    Double-sided tape


    HERSHEY'S Party Mix

    Card stock

    Hot glue


    Step 1. Draw and cut out the shape of a mermaid tail on card stock.

    Step 2. Unwrap a bag's worth of each color of KISSES Chocolates (pink, purple, light blue and green).

    Step 3. Enjoy some of the delicious KISSES Chocolates you just unwrapped.

    Step 4. FOR THE TAIL: Using double-sided tape, cover the tail portion in green foil (from the KISSES Chocolates). Fold over, and cut excess foil from around the edges.

    Step 5. FOR THE BODY: Cut other color foil wrappers in half, creating triangles. Starting at the bottom, glue on a scale pattern, alternating foil colors.

    Step 6. Glue/tape the whole mermaid decoration onto the gift bags.

    Step 7. OPTIONAL: fish decorations around the mermaid tail. a. Cut KISSES Chocolates wrappers into quarters, creating small triangles. b. Glue KISSES Chocolates to the top point of those quarters, creating a fishtail look. c. Glue the whole thing to the bag around the mermaid tail.

    Step 8. Fill the bags with HERSHEY'S Birthday candy.

    Step 9. Enjoy with your little mermaids!

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