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Birthday Fun Flower Goodie Bag

Birthday Fun Flower Goodie Bag

Birthday party planning doesn?t have to be difficult, and this DIY craft proves that it doesn?t have to be boring, either! Because they?re soooo much more than just bags of candy.



    KISSES Chocolates (colors of your choice)

    Small paper bags

    Other decorations as you want

    Construction paper (colors of your choice, multiple colors)

    Glue or tape


    STEP 1. Cut construction paper into flower shapes of different sizes.

    STEP 2. Layer the paper flower cutouts, and glue or tape together.

    STEP 3. In the center of the flowers, glue or tape KISSES Chocolates.

    STEP 4. Glue a flower with KISSES Chocolates to the side of small paper bags.

    STEP 5. Fill the bags with assorted KISSES Chocolates.

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