Santa and Elf Wine Cork Craft

Santa and Elf Wine Cork Craft

Use this wine cork craft as a homemade gift or a fun place setting for Christmas dinner. This DIY holiday craft is a fun and festive way to reuse wine corks.


You'll Need

  • Wine corks
  • KISSES Chocolates in red and green foils
  • Paint or permanent markers in red, green and black
  • Small paint brushes
  • White fuzzy yarn
  • Small red pom poms (5 mm)
  • Small white pom poms (10 mm)
  • Multi-surface glue


  • Paint the bottom half of each wine cork red for the Santa and green for the elf. Let dry.
  • Paint a black strip around the middle of the wine cork for the belt. Let dry.
  • Add a dab of glue to the unpainted top of the wine cork. To make the hat, add a KISSES Chocolate in red foil to the Santa cork and a KISSES Chocolate in green foil to the elf. Let dry.
  • Using paint or a fine-tipped marker, add eyes.
  • Using glue, attach a small red pom pom under the eyes to make a nose.
  • Glue a white pom pom to the top of each hat. Glue fuzzy yarn to the bottom of each hat. Let dry.
  • For Santa, glue fuzzy yarn to the sides of the wine cork to make a beard. For the elf, add fuzzy yarn around the cork about midway down the green painted area.
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