REESE’S Thanksgiving Cupcakes

REESE’S Turkey Cupcakes

Need a fun idea for a Thanksgiving-themed cupcake? REESE’S Candy turns your favorite cupcake into a turkey with a few simple steps! They’re a great way to get kids involved in making a Thanksgiving dessert.



You'll Need


  • Prepare your cupcakes and frosting. Use slightly less liquid in the frosting to ensure it’s thick enough to hold your turkeys together. Frost the cupcakes once they’ve cooled, reserving some frosting.
  • Unwrap the REESE’S THiNS Milk Chocolates. Use the reserved frosting to attach individual REESE’S PIECES Candy to the THiNS Milk Chocolates, forming your “turkey feathers.”
  • Unwrap the REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures. Use the same method you used for the feathers to attach a REESE’S PIECES Candy as the beak, and the candy eyes.
  • Once you have the turkey tails and heads prepared, stick them to the tops of your cupcakes. You may need to chill them before serving to ensure that the turkeys stay intact.
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