Party Game Medals

Party Game Medals

This party game prize idea is quick, easy and sure to delight. Raise the fun on your party or shower games by awarding a candy medal craft to the winners!


You'll Need

  • HERSHEY'S Miniatures
  • KIT KAT Miniatures
  • YORK Miniatures
  • Ribbon in multiple colors
  • Card stock paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue
  • Directions

    • Cut the ribbon into 2-foot lengths.
    • Arrange two to three HERSHEY'S, KIT KAT or YORK Miniatures on top of the card stock paper. Trace around the candy and cut the paper to size.
    • Tape or glue the candy to the card stock paper.
    • Tape the two ends of the 2-foot ribbon to the back of the card stock. Cut smaller strands of ribbon and tape or glue to the bottom of the medal.
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