Holiday Candy Topiaries

Holiday Candy Topiaries

Make a sweet holiday centerpiece featuring your favorite candy. Crafting these DIY candy topiary trees is easier than it looks, and it's a festive way to gather friends and family together during the holidays.


You'll Need

  • ROLO® Creamy Caramels, 10.6 oz.
  • KISSES Milk Chocolate, 18.8 oz
  • Styrofoam balls and cones in various sizes
  • Green paper or foil
  • Confectioner's glue or toothpicks
  • Decorative vases


  • Cover Styrofoam shapes with paper or foil and attach with glue.
  • Use confectioner's glue or toothpicks to attach ROLO® candy to Styrofoam balls and KISSE'S candy to cones, starting at the bottom.
  • Work your way up the Styrofoam, covering the entire surface with candy.
  • Place the completed topiary on a plate or vase.

Ideas & Inspiration

How will you personalize your holiday candy topiaries? Here are some ideas:

  • Unwrap KISSES Chocolates. Flatten the foil wrappers and use them to create "leaves" for your candy topiary.
  • Press a square of florist foam or Styrofoam into a vase. Push a wooden dowel through the center. Press a Styrofoam ball into the top of the dowel, then decorate with candy.
  • For a special touch, add a bow or star ornament to the top of your topiary.
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