Giant KISSES Party Favor

Giant KISSES Party Favor

Craft a giant HERSHEY'S KISSES Candy for your next party! Your guests will love peeling back the foil on this fake candy prop to find real KISSES Chocolates inside.


You'll Need


  • Print the KISSES plume template and cut out.
  • Turn the plastic bowl upside down on a piece of cardboard and trace around the bowl. Cut the cardboard to the same size as the bowl.
  • Lay two sheets of tin foil on a table, making a plus sign. Place a plastic bowl upside down in the center on top of the round piece of cardboard.
  • Form the foil around the bowl to make the base of the KISSES shaped container. Remove the bowl, leaving the cardboard circle as the base of your KISSES shaped container, and fill the space with KISSES Chocolates.
  • Adjust the foil to form the KISSES shape. Then place the printed KISSES plume on top, sticking out from the foil.
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