Gold ROLO<sup>®</sup> Candy Dish

Gold ROLO® Candy Dish

This DIY gold decor makes an elegant statement at weddings, showers and other celebrations. Filled with ROLO® Creamy Caramels, it even doubles as a wedding or shower favor!


You'll Need

  • White ceramic pots
  • Paint brush
  • ROLO® Creamy Caramels, 35.6 oz.
  • Aluminum foil
  • Copper craft paint
  • Disposable bowl
  • Cookie sheet or cooling rack


  • Cover the cookie sheet or cooling rack with aluminum foil.
  • Pour copper craft paint into the disposable bowl. Be sure to fill the bowl high enough to cover the lower 1/3 of the white ceramic pot.
  • Dip a white ceramic pot into the copper paint. Make sure the lower 1/3 of the pot is covered. Remove pot from paint. Use the paintbrush to smooth and even out the copper paint, removing any excess paint to avoid drips.
  • Place painted pot upside down on the aluminum foil to dry.
  • Once the pots are dry, fill with ROLO® Creamy Caramels and display on your dessert table.
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