Candy Buffet Backdrop

Candy Buffet Backdrop

Create a sweet setting that sets off the goodies at your candy buffet. Each flower in this DIY candy buffet backdrop sparkles with a piece of candy at its center.


You'll Need

  • ROLO® Creamy Caramels, 35.6 oz.
  • KISSES Milk Chocolates, Silver Foils, 66.7 oz.
  • KISSES Milk Chocolates with Almonds, Gold, 66.7 oz.
  • Tissue paper in desired colors
  • Chicken wire
  • Fishing line
  • Tin snips or wire cutters


  • Cut the chicken wire in an irregular shape and suspend from a backdrop frame or ceiling hooks.
  • To make the flowers, cut 3-4 inch squares of tissue paper and stack 3-4 sheets in alternating angles. Glue a piece of candy at the center of each square.
  • Place your flowers at random on the suspended chicken wire by tucking the candy into the chicken wire.
  • Gently fan out the petals of each flower, then repeat until you have the desired amount for your candy buffet backdrop.
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