Hershey's Chocolate Bar with Square Removed


at home Discover fun indoor activities and baking recipes you can do with the kids when school is out or you’re stuck indoors.

Gifts For Mom and Dad

Need an easy but thoughtful gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day? Try these sweet themed gift “baskets” filled with their HERSHEY’S favorites.
S’mores ingredients sitting on a table

S’mores Make Saturdays More Fun

Find creative inspiration for ways to enjoy the classic summertime treat this season. From games to buffets, we have it all.

5 Picnic-Perfect Desserts

5 Picnic-Perfect Desserts

Whether you’re spreading a blanket at the beach, in your backyard or on the family room floor, no summer is complete without picnics. That’s why we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite picnic dessert recipes for you to try.

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