Ghost Busting Halloween Pi'nata

Ghost-Busting Halloween Pinata

Get your broomstick ready to swat at this paranormal pinata and shake loose your favorite Halloween candy!



You’ll Need


    1. Cut the cardboard so that it fits snugly at the bottom of the shopping bag.
    2. Punch a hole through the cardboard and the bag just large enough for the string to pass through. Knot the string inside the bag.
    3. Fill the bag full of candy, allowing at least six inches of space at the top of the bag.
    4. Close the top of the bag by folding it to one side, then securely taping the flap closed.
    5. Turn the bag upside down, then decorate with white crepe paper. Streamers should hang about 6 inches below the bottom of the bag.
    6. For an added touch, use candy or black construction paper to make circles for the ghost's eyes and mouth.
    7. To play, hang the ghost pinata in an area clear of furniture. Take turns hitting it with a broomstick until the ghost breaks and spills out the candy.