Thank You Mailers


This is such a fun project to tackle and to send out to anyone who was a big help during any part of the wedding planning as well as your guests. Send it to bridesmaids who've said "yes" to being part of your wedding party; to wedding vendors who delivered their best service on your big day; or hand them to your guests at your wedding. The best part of this DIY are the HERSHEY'S NUGGETS stuffed inside. Yum!



    Kraft Tube Mailers
    HERSHEY'S NUGGETS Milk Chocolate, Silver, 60-Ounce
    Pinking Shears
    Address Labels
    Paper Shred
    Shipping Tape
    Message Letters


    Print out your message wrappers for your HERSHEY'S NUGGETS in printing paper colors of your choice. Cut out each letter and place over the wrapping of the HERSHEY'S NUGGETS.

    Print your address labels. Using pinking shears, cut on one side of the address labels and place on mailer tube, securing in place with shipping tape.

    Stuff completed chocolates and paper shred in the color of your choice into the mailer. Replace end cap and prepare for sending!

Other Seasons and Occasions