Baby Bingo


Whether you're welcoming a little miss or a little mister, you'll be celebrating your baby shower with delicious food, fabulous guests, and fun games! With Baby Bingo, instead of numbers and letters, these boxes are filled with baby shower gifts! As gifts are opened, players add a KISSES Milk Chocolate to their board. The first to get five in a row wins! Print these ready-to-play Bingo game boards and you're ready to play!




    To create, print and cut paint can label, "Can You Guess?" tag, and paint brush from provided PDF.

    Fill paint can with paper shred and KISSES Milk Chocolates of the color of your choosing.

    Next, you're ready to apply the paint can label! Glue the label around the can, making sure to cover the color of the candy that's inside!

    Then, write your due date in the black rectangle on the paint brush! Tie the "Can You Guess?" tag to the paint can handle and glue the paint brush to the front of the paint can.

    Repeat process to your desired quantity. Have friends and family open to find out the gender of your new addition!

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