Easter Fun Stuff

Spread some seasonal fun with these great Easter-themed activities

Egg Decorating Stencils - Intermediate

Give your Easter eggs even more pizzazz with these intermediate egg stencils! Just print the template from your home computer, and cut out the shapes. Then cut two slots in either side, and attach in a loop.

Parents: Please make sure you help your kids with this activity.



  1. Using scissors and/or a precision cutting tool cut out the stencil.
  2. Lay the stencil over your hard-boiled egg.
  3. Using dyes, paints or markers, apply color to your egg over the stencil.
  4. Remove the stencil and let your masterpiece dry.


In addition to hard-boiled eggs, paints, markers and/or dyes, you’ll also need the following supplies:

  • a pair of scissors
  • a precision cutting tool