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Flowerpot Basket Craft

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Things You'll Need

  • Terra cotta flower pot (Sample is 5 1/2" tall by 6" round)
  • 5 Fabric scraps for flower petals double 4" by 4"
  • Flower center 5" round double
  • 2 fabric scraps for leaves double 4" by 4"
  • 36" by 2" strip 1 sheet green craft foam-cut two circles one to fit in the top of the flower pot 5 1/2" and one for the back of the flower 5" round
  • Fusible webbing 6" by 36"
  • 1 yard ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • 1/4" Dowel 12" long
  • Easter grass
  • Small plastic garden rake or shovel
  • Assorted Easter candies from Hershey and HERSHEY'S chocolates

How to Make

  • Flower & leaves - Cut out flower petals from 5 double thick scraps of fabric. Cut leaves using coordinating fabric doubled, also. Cut fusible webbing for flower petals, leaves and flower center.

  • Follow manufacturer directions to apply to each of the petals and leaves. Apply webbing to one side of the flower center. Lay petals in place and press edges to attach in place.

  • Place 5" foam rounds on the back and lightly press on fabric side. Glue remaining edges to hold in place.

  • Stem - Sew strip along the raw edge 3/8" seam, into a tube with the end closed. This is stitched, turned inside out and shirred onto a 1/4" dowel that is 12" long. Glue or stitch stem to the back of the flower center. Place leaves as desired and attach with glue or stitch in place. Cut an X in the center of the 5 1/2" foam round.

  • Insert the dowel, pulling some of the fabric through the hole for a clean edge on top. Pebbles may be placed inside the flowerpot for additional weight. Hot glue the dowel in place.

  • Decorate by adding grass on top of the foam layer or poke holes for sucker sticks. Fill with assorted Easter candies from Hershey and HERSHEY'S chocolates. Tie a ribbon around the outside and add a gift tag to complete the Flowerpot Basket.