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Take a journey down the HERSHEY'S Bunny Trail to check out fun Easter tips, memories and stories! is your online destination for everything Easter! Updated weekly, the third annual virtual HERSHEY’S Bunny Trail will highlight favorite Easter traditions, memories and tips to ensure you have the perfect Easter holiday on Sunday, April 20th.

Mammamoiselle - Stephanie

Easter Candy Buffet

Add to your Easter traditions with this candy buffet idea from Stephanie!

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Buttercream Bakehouse - Dina

Easter Lemon Cake

Bake this delicious Lemon Cake recipe using WHOPPERS ROBIN EGGS and help from Dina!

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HomeEc@Home - Faith

Easter Egg Brownie Nests

These Easter Egg Brownie Nests are delicious! Bake them using this recipe from Faith!

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Sincerely Mindy - Mindy

Easter Bunny Napkin Tutorial

Learn how to make these adorable Easter Bunny Napkins with help from Mindy!

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Carrie Elle - Carrie

Printable Easter Baskets

Make your own mini Easter baskets with instructions from Carrie in this fun post!

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Upstate Ramblings - Anne


Check out these delicious two-ingredient pies from Anne, made with CADBURY CREME EGG Candy and pie dough!

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A Poet in the Pantry – Carrie

Chocolate Truffle Peanut Butter Egg Easter Pie

Carrie shares her recipe for baking a delicious Easter pie using REESE’S Peanut Butter Eggs!

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Views from the Ville - Liza

DIY Tutu Easter Basket

Dress up your Easter baskets with this DIY craft from Liza!

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This Girls' Life Blog – Melissa

Easter Nest Treats and Fun Printables

Grab free printables for creating fun Easter crafts and a recipe for making Easter Nest Treats from Melissa on her blog!

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Amy Loves It – Amy

Chocolate Peanut Butter ROLO Candy Cookies

You will enjoy this tasty recipe for making Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies using ROLO Candy and REESE'S Creamy Peanut Butter from Amy!

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This Mama Loves – Brett

Banana Oatmeal Nests

Brett shares a recipe for making Banana Oatmeal Nests featuring CADBURY MINI EGGS Candy!

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Adventures in All Things Food – Andrea

Prepare for Easter

Andrea shares great tips to help you prepare for the hoppiest season yet!

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Shibley Smiles – Colleen

My Easter Traditions

Colleen looks back at some of her favorite Easter traditions, including egg hunts with her kids!

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Selfish Mom – Amy

Easter Blondies Recipe

Amy shares a delicious recipe for making Easter Blondies using CADBURY MINI EGGS Candy!

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Food, Family & Finds – Cat

DIY Easter Bouquet

Cat shares instructions for making a colorful flower vase filled with Hershey's Candy!

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Teachable Mommy – Ashley Saunders

My Favorite Easter Memories

Ashley shares some of her favorite Easter memories and how she incorporates HERSHEY'S Candy!

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Eclectic Momsense – Kelly Denton

Making Easter Mason Jars

Kelly gives ideas on how to create colorful mason jars filled with Easter candy.

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Couponers United – Mary Edwards

Jelly Bean Family Traditions

Mary shares a fun family tradition - growing Jelly Bean Trees!

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Genesis Moments – Sarah Peppel

Changing Easter Traditions

Sarah shares her family's Easter traditions, some changing as children grow up.

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Just Married with Coupons – Dawn Lopez

Easter Bunny Kisses

Dawn love celebrating Easter! See how she gives Bunny Kisses and make your own too!

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Cajun Sugar Pie – Melissa Harvey

Enjoying Easter with Family

Melissa shares Easter memories from her childhood.

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Cheerios and Lattes – Mackenzie Rollins

Easter Eggs with a Hidden Surprise

Mackenzie shares how to make delicious Easter egg treats with your kids!

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Views from the Ville – Liza Coulter

Making Easter Baskets

Liza provides unique container ideas to make your Easter baskets special.

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Naptime is the New Happy Hour – Cheryl Enlow

Passing Down Easter Traditions

Cheryl shares her childhood traditions with her own son.

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Salt & Nectar – Sarah Stewart Holland

What Easter Means to Me

Sarah shares what Easter means to her.

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Crazy for a Deal – Riki Dee

Kids Love Easter Egg Hunts

Riki shares memories and photos of her kids' favorite egg hunts.

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The Dirty T-Shirt – Jennifer Leet

Fun Easter Treats From HERSHEY'S

Jennifer shares her kids' reactions to Easter.

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One Mom's World – Jennifer Spink

Fun and Inspiring Easter Traditions

Jennifer shares fun Easter crafts and traditions from her family.

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The Mommy Files – Shannon Gosney

Tips for Hosting An Awesome Egg Hunt

Shannon shares her best tips and tricks for hosting your best egg hunt yet!

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3 Decades 3 Kids – Diane Sullivan

Light Up Your Easter Egg Hunt

Diane shares how to light up your egg hunt with positive messages, memories and HERSHEY's treats!

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Rockin Mama – Caryn Bailey

Easter Activities Your Kids Will Love

Caryn shares fun activities to do with your kids this Easter

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Clever Housewife – Emily Lyon

Dyeing Eggs with Silk Ties

Emily shows you how to dye your Easter eggs using old silk ties

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Mom Generations – Audrey McClelland

Easter Traditions that Make Memories

Audrey shares her family's favorite Easter traditions

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Outnumbered 3-to-1 – Amanda Tippit

McClelland Family Easter Traditions

Audrey shares her family’s favorite Easter traditions

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Three Different Directions – Tammy Litke

Paska Bread Made Easy

Tammy shares her easy recipe for Paska bread

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Resourceful Mommy – Amy Lupold Bair

Fun Easter Cotton Trail

Amy makes a bunny trail using cotton balls and an Easter basket

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Mommy Katie – Katie Sexton

Easter Traditions that Make Memories

Katie shares some of her favorite Easter traditions and memories

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A Nut in A Nutshell - Liz Mays

Easter Egg Decorating with HERSHEY'S

Liz shares her best egg decorating tips to make your Easter colorful!

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She Scribes - Kimberly Vetrano

Hippity Hoppity Easter's On its Way

Kimberly’s traditional Bunny Cake is perfect for any Easter party!

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Akron Ohio Moms - Cindy Orley

Treats for Easter with HERSHEY'S

Cindy’s delicious Easter treats are perfect for sharing with any bunny!

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She Saved - Keri Lyn Renner

My Easter Egg Hunt Traditions

Keri Lyn shares her favorite Easter Egg Hunt traditions!

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