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Mother’s Day KISSES Bouquet Craft

Mother’s Day KISSES  Bouquet


  1. 1 small to medium-sized glass vase
  2. 1 bag (11oz) of HERSHEY’S KISSES Brand Milk Chocolates
  3. 3/8-inch wide pink ribbon
  4. 15 cupcake liners in Mom’s favorite colors (5 liners of each pattern/color)
  5. 3 paper straws
  6. 1/5-inch hole punch
  7. 7/8-inch hole punch
  8. Standard hole punch
  9. White cardstock
  10. Pink cardstock
  11. Pink ribbon
  12. Adhesive runner or glue dots
  13. Hot glue gun
  14. Pen/fine-tip marker
  15. Gift tag


  1. 1. Start by making the flowers for your vase. Fold each cupcake liner into fourths so it resembles a triangle.
  2. 2. Using a glue stick or glue dot, glue five cupcake liner triangles together by overlapping the tips to create one flower. Repeat to create the other two flowers.
  3. 3. Flatten one end of the paper straw (about one inch) and hot glue to the back of one of the flowers. Repeat with two additional straws and flowers.
  4. 4. Using the 1.5-inch hole punch, cut three 1.5-inch circles of white cardstock.
  5. 5. Hot glue one 1.5-inch circle of cardstock to the back of one flower to sandwich the straw in the middle. Repeat for additional two flowers.
  6. 6. Hot glue a HERSHEY’S KISS Brand Milk Chocolate to the center of each of the three flowers.
  7. 7. Using a 7/8-inch hole punch, cut out 16 circles of pink cardstock.
  8. 8. Handwrite one quality that describes Mom on each piece of cardstock (i.e. FUNNY, LOVING, CARING, etc.)
  9. 9. Use glue dots to attach the pink circles to the bottom of each HERSHEY’S KISSES Brand Milk Chocolate, with the written word side up.
  10. 10. Fill the vase with the HERSHEY’S KISSES Brand Milk Chocolates created in step 11.
  11. 11. Stick in the three flowers you created.
  12. 12. Using a pen or fine-tip marker, write out a gift tag that says, “A KISS for each thing we love about you, Mom!”
  13. 13. Hole-punch the gift tag at the top with a standard hole punch.
  14. 14. Attach the gift tag to the vase by stringing with pink ribbon and tying around the top of the vase.
  15. 15. Gift to Mom on Mother’s Day.

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