Fundraiser Seller Tips




Getting Started
A successful fundraising program is easy when you follow these helpful HERSHEY'S candy fundraising tips. If you've never planned a fundraiser or if you need to improve your next fundraiser, use the following information to plan a profitable and rewarding fundraising program that starts by first asking for HERSHEY'S!

Establish a Fundraising Goal

  • Determine what the group's expenses will be for all programs.
  • Determine how much money the group will need to raise by subtracting expenses from amount of money in group's treasury.
  • Increase goal based on number of sellers, passion/response for programs, time period.

Name a Chairman or Captain. Consider Someone Who:

  • Is reliable.
  • Has the time available to see the program through to completion.
  • Has good organizational, motivational and communication skills.
  • Has an amiable personality.

Organize a Fundraising Committee

  • Select one adult per ten children.
  • Maintain a list of members and their phone numbers.
  • Assign one person to be responsible for collecting the money.
  • IMPORTANT: Review Safety Tips with all sellers.

Decide What HERSHEY'S Products, When and How to Sell Them

  • Choose the HERSHEY'S Products you want to sell. View the products page for choices.
  • Select a start and end date for your fundraising event (candy sales typically last two weeks).
  • Avoid holding your fundraising event during a holiday.
  • Choose a HERSHEY'S distributor and ask for the HERSHEY'S product you want to sell.
  • Remember HERSHEY’S assortment candy carriers convert to counter displays for offices and businesses. View the incentives page for more information.

Promote Your Fundraising Event

  • Print out a promotional sign to display with your HERSHEY'S candy carrier.
  • Distribute printed flyers around the neighborhood, at grocery stores and malls.
  • Solicit free radio or TV advertising.
  • Print an ad in the community newspaper.
  • Discuss the fundraiser at school meetings such as PTA or Band Boosters.

Collect the Money

  • Determine a deadline to have all the money given to the assigned money collector.


  • Celebrate a successful sale! Recognize all and award special prizes to the top sellers.


  • Mail in your coupon with invoice to claim a FREE 5 lb. HERSHEY's milk chocolate bar.
  • 1 Free 5-lb bar for every 6 cases or 24 assortment carriers purchased of NEW $2 Assortment.
  • 1 FREE 5-lb bar for every 8 cases or 32 assortment carriers purchased of MAX & Chocolatetown Assortment.