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Earn a Free 5-lb HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bar

Sweeten your sales by having everyone's favorite candies on hand.
HERSHEY'S brings you a variety of America's best-loved brands in bulk assortment carriers. The new $2 Fundraising Assortment* is a 30-count carrier. The MAX + CHOCOLATETOWN Assortments comes in a 52-count carrier.

Don't be caught empty-handed
when a customer wants their HERSHEY'S favorites. CHOCOLATETOWN PLUS candy assortment has six different selections for the perfect combination of everyone's favorites.

52-count carrier includes:

$2 Assortment*
Big bars, big brands, big profits!
Earn big profits with HERSHEY'S new big bar $2 assortment carrier. Put HERSHEY'S brand power to work for your next fundraiser with this new 30-count carrier.


30-count carrier includes:

MAX Assortment
Increase your profit by selecting the assortment that showcases six different selections, including the HERSHEY'S TAKE 5 candy bars— THE GREATEST CANDY BAR EVER.


52-count carrier includes: