HERSHEY'S Fundraising

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A chocolate candy bar fundraising program should be more than earning profits. It should be fun! HERSHEY'S Fund Raising puts the fun into fundraising with our candy fundraiser programs. From school groups to athletes to church organizations, HERSHEY'S provides students of all ages with an opportunity to raise money for their school group or organization.

HERSHEY'S Fund Raising offers everyone's favorite chocolate candy brands at great values, helping schools reach their fundraising goals simpler and sweeter than ever! With a candy fundraiser from HERSHEY'S, you will have the option to sell an assortment of candy fundraising products. HERSHEY'S provides a variety of candy fundraiser assortments.

When combined with the exciting fundraiser promotions that support arts and music in school, and youth sports, it's no wonder why HERSHEY'S is such a hit with fundraising groups and distributors.

Last year, school groups, sports teams, cheerleaders, bands, charitable organizations and churches raised more than
$40 million selling HERSHEY'S candy.
HERSHEY'S easy-to-use program coupled with exciting incentives makes selling easy. People are asking for HERSHEY'S Fund Raising programs.

Get started and find out how HERSHEY'S brand power can help your group reach its fundraising goals!