School Fundraiser





Putting the FUN into School Fundraiser

Are you ready to raise funds for your school? HERSHEY'S puts the fun into candy fundraising with our easy-to-use school fundraiser program. From elementary school students to college seniors, HERSHEY'S provides students of all ages with an opportunity to raise money for their school group or organization.

HERSHEY'S offers everyone's favorite candy brands at great values, helping schools reach their fundraising goals simpler and sweeter than ever! With a school fundraiser from HERSHEY'S, students will have the option to sell an assortment of fundraising candy.

HERSHEY'S provides a variety of school fundraiser assortments. The new $2 candy assortment and the Max and Chocolatetown candy assortments fundraiser idea are perfect for sport teams, organizations and school groups looking to increase their profits in a simple and fun way.

Hershey offers a variety of incentives to motivate groups, and reward sellers and customers. Groups can earn a free 5-lb HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bar for every 8 cases (32 assortment carriers) of the Max and Chocolatetown Assortments sold OR for every 6 cases (24 assortment carriers) of the $2 Assortment sold. Customers receive a $1 SUBWAY coupon on every Max & Chocolatetown Assortment bar. These programs add extra value to your fundraising program.

If it's for a school trip, new uniforms or a class party, HERSHEY'S school fundraiser programs can help your school group or organization accomplish its goals.