Today's Top Trends

Crowd-pleasing toppings and staying on top of trends lead to the creation of signature ice cream desserts that can drive trial and repeat business. HERSHEY’S products help you achieve both!

Trends worth capitalizing on:

1. Throwback Desserts

With modern variations of pies and homespun treats like brownies and layer cakes making a resurgence,1 it’s clear that retro drives sales. Bring guests back to a simpler time by adding throwback-themed toppings to your desserts. Think German chocolate sundaes, brownie-crumble toppings and banana splits.

2. Customization

Self-serve frozen yogurt shops are popping up all over—and chains are giving guests complete control over their ice cream creations, whether sold by the ounce or by the topping. Offer your guests the variety in their topping options that they demand, from brands they associate with high quality,2 like HEATH Toffee Bits, HERSHEY’S Caramel Syrup and REESE’S Peanut Butter Chips.

3. Artisan

Today’s consumers are going out of their way—and paying extra—for the rich, authentic taste of ice creams made batch by batch with premium ingredients and mix-ins. Join the fun! Create one-of-a-kind artisan ice cream delights by combining the rich, high-quality flavors of artisan ice cream with some beloved HERSHEY’S Toppings for an ice cream experience your guests won’t forget!

1What’s Hot: 2013 Chef’s Survey, National Restaurant Association, January 2013
2Hershey’s Brand Power Research, Synovate, December 2011

Did You Know?

NRA named artisan/house-made ice cream the #1 dessert trend in 2012.4 Make your ice cream signature with HERSHEY’S branded mix-ins and toppings.


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4Chef Survey: What’s Hot in 2012, National Restaurant Association