Turn Menu Items into Orders

The fine-dining establishment at your hotel is one of your best opportunities for showcasing your culinary talents to visiting travelers and local diners alike. We’re here to help make each guest’s experience as sweet as it can be. Here are a few tips for turning menu items into orders:

Dessert Flights

Offer a tasting menu that allows patrons to try small portions of several featured items. Guests are looking to have fun with their food. Dessert flights allow guests to be more adventurous by sampling creative, trendy treats!1

Customer Input

Customer-driven menus are becoming more and more popular.2 Let your guests feel as if they are a part of your operation by requesting their input on the menu or giving them a choice of ingredients. This is a great way to attract repeat guests and local customers.

Sweeten Your Beverage Service

A strong retail chocolate buying pattern shows growth in foodservice during the fall and winter seasons from Halloween through the holidays, most strongly in fancy coffee and hot cocoa creations.3 Help guests celebrate the holiday seasons. Consider chocolate-peppermint pairings for festive signature winter drink offerings, or dark-chocolate mochas at Valentine’s Day.

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Did You Know?

80% of chefs say bite-sized or mini desserts are one of today’s hottest trends.4


Create a Crowd Favorite

Chai Tea Soda made with HERSHEY’S SPECIAL DARK Syrup.

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42010 National Restaurant Association Chef Survey: What’s Hot in 2010