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1. Breakfast

Breakfast continues to be a growing daypart across foodservice, especially at hotels, where, in many cases, it boasts the highest capture rate of the day.1 With this growth comes higher guest tastes and expectations–and Hershey can help with fresh, creative ideas for your breakfast menu, with trusted brands your guests savor.

2. Throwback Desserts

With modern variations of pies and homespun treats like brownies and layer-cakes making a resurgence,2 it’s clear that the retro craze no longer applies just to fashion, but to treats as well! Bring your guests back to a simpler time with fresh spins on throwback desserts like German chocolate cake, whoopie pies and banana splits.

3. Convenience

More than ever, Americans are reaching for fast, simple, handy food—especially when they travel. Keep your guests’ favorite snacks and drinks at the ready at your front desk and lobby store as well as in the in-room mini bar so they can grab and go, day or night.

1Hotel F&B Trend Report, November 14, 2010

2What’s Hot: 2013 Chef’s Survey, National Restaurant Association, January 2013


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