Resident Dining

On any given day, students somewhere on campus are dreaming of mom’s baking; others want something new and different. With HERSHEY’S branded ingredients, you can delight them all and bring them back for more.

Check out a few simple ways to keep participation high with your resident diners:


Students enjoy customizing their own treats. Provide HERSHEY’S Syrups and Toppings at a self-serve ice cream, yogurt or dessert bar.


It’s the most important meal of the day—especially for groggy students who’ve pulled all-nighters. Dress up your pancakes and waffles by adding HERSHEY’S Chips or drizzling with HERSHEY’S Chocolate Syrup. Sweeten up another breakfast staple, oatmeal, by topping it with HERSHEY’S Chips or HEATH Toffee Bits.


HERSHEY’S Mix-Ins and Baking Ingredients—chips, syrup, cocoa, dry toppings, etc.—are perfect for speed-scratch muffins, cakes, pies, cookies, brownies and other delicious desserts. You get the flavor and quality you can count on, with the pack sizing and packaging that fit your needs.


Offer a sweet snack in a to-go cup or bag for students to enjoy now or save for midnight when the munchies hit. Try adding HERSHEY’S Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips with nuts and dried fruits in a clear bag for a sweet and salty snack mix.


Gourmet cupcakes and donuts are popular trends. Along with them comes opportunity for added perceived-value when you top yours with HERSHEY’S branded ingredients.


Brand Power

Don’t forget to label each menu item featuring HERSHEY’S branded ingredients with the brand name–research shows consumers prefer desserts that carry the HERSHEY’S name.2


Get the Brands Students Love…

in the product formats you need. From chocolate syrup to peanut butter chips and beyond—we deliver the brands students know and trust.

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2Hershey’s Brand Power Research Study, Synovate, December 2011