Coffee Kiosks, Snack Bars and Mobile Outlets

Meeting students where they are means putting yourself in their paths.Go where the action is. The more opportunities students have to buy a treat, the more likely they will! Whether a coffee kiosk, a snack bar or a roving mobile food unit, Hershey has the brands your students want in the packaging you need to help make the most of the tight spaces and support the quick turns your operations require.

Here are a few simple ways to build your satellite sales:

Over half of respondents agree they are more likely to visit a restaurant based on friends’ recommendations of a branded dessert on Facebook or Twitter.1 Entice students and get them talking–and buying. Send out tweets, texts and Facebook messages like: “Grab a fresh cup of ALMOND JOY Coffee. We’re outside the main library.”

Students often get their energy on the go, bringing beverages and snacks with them to class or to the library. Offer coffee beverages flavored with HERSHEY’S Syrups or fruit smoothies topped with HERSHEY’S Chips to keep your students fueled.

The cupcake craze isn’t over yet. Students love this portable treat that reminds them of home. Create signature cupcakes with textures and flavors that keep things interesting by topping them with HERSHEY’S, HEATH and REESE’S branded ingredients.

1Hershey’s Brand Power Research Study, Synovate, December 2011

Brand Power

Don’t forget to label each menu item featuring HERSHEY’S branded ingredients with the brand name–research shows consumers prefer desserts that carry the HERSHEY’S name.2


Get the Brands Students Love…

in the product formats you need. From chocolate syrup to peanut butter chips and beyond—we deliver the brands students know and trust.

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2Hershey’s Brand Power Research Study, Synovate, December 2011