Today's Top Trends

College students are on the cutting edge of what’s hot and what’s not. You’ll get their attention when you are too. We’ve done the legwork, tracking down the latest trends and whipping up some relevant recipes so you, too, can offer these hot concepts on campus.

1. Drinkable Desserts

Get creative with your beverage menu by adding cake, pastries, cookies and pie to anything in a glass. Offer yours drinkable desserts in a to-go cup for students on the run.

2. Throwbacks

With modern variations of pies and homespun treats like brownies and layer-cakes making a resurgence,1 it’s clear that the retro craze no longer applies just to fashion, but to treats too! Bring students to a time their families have talked about, with fresh spins on throwback desserts like German chocolate cake, whoopie pies and banana splits.

3. Sweet Heat

Putting sweet with heat continues to grow as we see more flavor combinations like fruit salsas, wasabi chocolate and sweet-and-spicy barbecue. Delight the daring and diverse palates of your college crowd and watch this trend take off.

1 What’s Hot: 2013 Chef’s Survey, National Restaurant Association, January 2013


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