Raise the Bar – or the Mint

HERSHEY’S Candy Brands can drive impulse sales in high-traffic areas1.

Half of shoppers report that their candy purchases are unplanned2. Be sure to stock HERSHEY’S Candy and mints for easy last-minute sales. You’ll love the extra revenue—and your customers will leave with a smile.


1Sweetening Candy Sales, www.csdecisions.com, October 11, 2011

2Nielsen C-Store Velocity Ranking, 12 weeks ending 6/11/11


Drive Impulse Sales with HERSHEY’S Confections:

  • At check-out
  • In display cases
  • Near coffee or soda stations
  • Wherever you have space!

Put HERSHEY’S Confections to Work for You

From chocolate bars to candies to mints – we deliver the brands consumers know and trust in the formats you need.

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