After 100 years making some of the world’s best chocolate,

a brand name doesn’t get more classic or popular than the HERSHEY’S name. When guests see HERSHEY’S brands on a foodservice menu, they know exactly what they will get… a high-quality, great-tasting treat!

Can a name like the HERSHEY’S (or HEATH or REESE’S) brand really have that much power within your foodservice operation? Find out for yourself. Scatter a few goodies from the leading sweet ingredient supplier throughout your menu items. You won’t be disappointed.

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Use HERSHEY’S Syrups, Cocoa, Toppings and Chips to expand your menu and create signature menu items that set yourself apart—and drive sales.

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The REESE’S brand offers a variety of peanut butter sauces, cups, chips and candies that your patrons know and love.

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HEATH Toffee is a unique, classic candy that is made with rich toffee, crunchy almonds and smooth milk chocolate. HEATH products are available in a wide array of grinds for use in a variety of menu applications across multiple day parts.


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Create incremental sales and drive impulse purchases by placing your patrons’ favorite snacks, desserts and beverages made with HERSHEY’S brands in convenient, heavily trafficked and high-visibility areas.1

1Hershey’s Brand Power Research, Synovate, December 2011