The HERSHEY Bar: Invented in 1900 by Milton S. Hershey

The HERSHEY Bar. In 1893 while visiting the Columbian Exhibition in Chicago, Milton Hershey came across chocolate making machinery that could automate the production of chocolate. After 6 years of research, he found the right formula and became the first American to manufacture chocolate. With mass-production, Hershey was able to lower the per-unit cost and make milk chocolate - once a luxury item for the wealthy, affordable to all.

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The Hershey Company is challenging its consumers to submit ideas to help meet current and future consumer needs. We are seeking innovative concepts such as new products, packaging, and technology. If you have a great recipe you would like to share - submit a recipe. There are also sponsorship opportunities

Innovation is a key driver of our growth plan. The Hershey Company has a staff of scientists, researchers, and marketers who are continuously working to develop and improve our products, packaging and process. Therefore, many unsolicited ideas often actually duplicate our own research efforts.

The Hershey Company can only accept idea submissions from the person/entity that is the original creator of the idea. If a minor creates an idea, the idea must be submitted by the minor's parent/legal guardian on behalf of the minor.

Protecting Your Ideas

In order to protect yourself and The Hershey Company, it is recommended that you consult with an attorney prior to submitting your idea. You may have proprietary rights and you may want to protect your idea with a patent. If you share your idea with The Hershey Company without a patent, you will forfeit proprietary rights to your idea.

Possible Compensation

If we decide to use your idea and the idea is protected by a patent that was issued prior to the time of your submission, we may negotiate with you to license the rights to your patent.

Process for Submitting and Reviewing Ideas

  1. Identify your idea.
  2. Read and acknowledge your acceptance of the on-line Submission Agreement.
  3. Complete the on-line "Idea Submission Form" and submit your idea.
  4. The Hershey Company may review your idea. The Hershey Company is not obligated to disclose the outcome or details of the assessment.
  5. The Hershey Company will only contact you if additional information is requested or if we choose to pursue your idea.

For more information, see our FAQs.

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